Festival of Eugene at Skinners Butte Park, August Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, and Sunday 23rd in 2015
Music, Dance, Arts, Crafts, Food, Drink

The Festival of Eugene

Join us at The Festival of Eugene. Enjoy a free evening filled with dancing, performing, live music, food, and fun! Express your own creativity and flair at this community-based event.

The goal of this festival is to celebrate our local Eugene community, support small businesses, and to have fun.

The Festival of Eugene is an event that celebrates and rejoices in the diversity, artistry, creativity and talents of our community.

We are currently seeking individuals who want to be a part of this event. If you are a musician, performer, artisan, food vendor, or if you have a talent of any kind, you belong at The Festival of Eugene! If you are interested in selling goods or services as an artisan or vendor, there is a vendor participation fee. You can read more about it on our registration page.

The Festival is also in need of volunteers of any age, capacity, and skill level. If you want to be involved, we can find a place for you.

The Festival of Eugene will be partnering with local businesses in the surrounding area. We will have two beer gardens and food carts supplied by neighboring restaurants, as well numerous sidewalk sales and vendor booths from nearby shops.

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Sponsored by McKenzie Mist, Ninkasi Brewing, KLCC, Oregon Country Fair, Eugene Weekly and many more!